KOI Charge

Particles of Dreaming


"Particles of Dreaming" is a new glitch-infused IDM track by KOI Charge It's about these tiny snippets - particles if you like - of experiences, that occur one after the other in our dreams, during certain stages of our sleep. While we're asleep, our brain attempts to render a succession of images, ideas, emotions, or sensations to us. It is the result of incredibly small processes in our nervous system and sometimes can feel quite real. The average person has three to five dreams per night. These involuntary images are based on our memories, our feelings, our life, and who knows what else - mysterious unexplained things, that lie deep below the collective human consciousness. When we wake up, we usually think and meditate on their meaning, searching for an underlying message, before quickly forgetting them forever. The video aims to replicate these shapes and forms to the viewer. Strange, other-worldly objects, that emerge and change constantly to the rhythm of the music. Unusual colors and impossible geometric forms and dimensions flash and pulse in front of our eyes, without ever stopping. These fractals, their infinity, and elusiveness are something similar to what we experience in our dreams. They are born and perish in the void, existing only for a brief moment. They open and close a gateway to the unknown, where we can fall while dreaming. The video is a joint effort by Tamás Mélykuti and Gergely Buttinger. Tamás is a graphics programmer, busy developing his fractal visualization software, which is used here as well: ever-changing fractal animations, matched and mixed to the rhythm of the music. Gergely is the musical mastermind behind KOI Charge and also did the editing part. This surreal journey is the culmination of their combined work.


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