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'Hometown' is synthwave in its most genuine form, evoking warm nostalgic feelings throughout the song. With radiant synth chords supporting and augmenting the emotional melodic layers, 'Hometown' reminds the listener of classic movie scenes: when a protagonist returns to their childhood hometown; when a girl and a boy meet each other for the very first time; when it turns out that it is worth fighting for a noble goal.


HOMETOWN Release Date: Apr 30, 2021

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KOI Charge is a Budapest-based electronic music producer Gergely Buttinger, who is joined by guest musicians from time to time. KOI Charge's music is heavily inspired by various genres and memories including the video games of the 90s, hip-hop, trip-hop and techno, usually mixed with emotional melodies, gloomy sounds and strange ambient noises.


Despite all the different sources, there's a common focus in every song to guide the listener through a story, whether it's a simple one, or something huge and heroic, full of suspense.

You can find KOI Charge's music on almost every online music streaming service, or you can check exclusive contents in the 'MUSIC' section of the website.

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